I was raised in South Carolina. I come from a long line of visual artists. It's in my blood. I never had to wonder if I was an artist or not. I started painting wildlife at the tender age of 6 and haven't put down my brush since. 

Today I am known by thousands of children across the southeast as The Face Painting Lady. I paint my mini masterpieces on the tiny cheeks of children at festivals, fairs and parties. I think it is a perfect way to combine my love for children with my love for art....not to mention a really FUN job!

At the opposite extreme, I have painted mega masterpieces in the form of murals on the walls of malls, shops and private homes. I recently painted the waiting rooms of Sumter Pediatrics and the many destination rooms of Destinations Spa in Sumter.

My acrylics and watercolors are a part of many private collections across the US and in Europe. I generally use warm, bright colors that reflect my outlook on life-- energy, humor and an appreciation for the beauty of God's creation.

I teach weekly art classes to children after school.  I was never formally schooled in art, but I credit my mother, also a well known artist, for teaching me well. I have been getting private art lessons since the age of two so I consider myself to have had more art education than most.

I feel like my art is an expression of who I am and it is a type of therapy to me. I put my heart into each piece and it makes me feel good when others enjoy what I have created.